Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our assistant is growing weary...

The counter top dilemma has nearly drawn to a close and our loyal assistant has grown tired of the process.

The kitchen is looking better with the concrete counters nearly finished. This is what the beauties looked like when we purchased Villa Cantina...

The "boys"and their "assistant" installed the tumbled marble back splash last weekend. It will be grouted this weekend. I love the rusticity of the backsplash and the concrete counter.

The only problem is the cabinetry still has that "home depot" look. I can't repaint or replace so I am thinking I might give them the same treatment as the cabinets flanking the fireplace, a little ebony briwax on the cabinets and hardware. In the meantime I am dreaming of more interesting endeavors. What do you think about these finds? I am pondering this for above the stairway. You can find it at good old Pottery Barn.

Or what about this from one of my favorite sellers on Ebay, Capitol Salvage

On the other wall I want to hang these great canoe paddles from Crawfords Antiques in Soquel

With either this from Ebay

Or the Pruvost Plaque from Ballard Designs


I think this piece has a great look. I have tried to encourage a couple clients to use it but it has not yet found a home. I think I will consult my assistant about this once she has finished with her canine clients


  1. The tile and concrete looks great....good light color. The cabinets are not THAT bad in the pictures....at least you got some glass front uppers. I have been looking at that Ballard piece for over my bed. Did you already purchase it? I like all of the pieces that you are considering....similar to the one we saw yesterday but better price??? Could Steve or Colin make a piece like these with old barn wood? They will love me for that suggestion!

  2. Oh, by the way....good looking assistant.

  3. I haven't purchased it but I think it has a great look for a great price! I won't mention your suggestion...by the way...my assistant is quite competent and well organized.

  4. what a beautiful backsplash!!!
    thanks for your comments - you know most of those anons that hate the slips and all that, it's really this one lady who is slightly crazy! she's a comment stalker. haha. just pray she doesn't come harrass you too. uggh. she drives me crazy!!!! :)

  5. love the back splash! looks great and also the concrete counter-tops--what a unique idea.

    post more pictures-- you're soo talented!

  6. Thanks anonymous and Ms. Joni! I will post more pics as things become photo ready!