Thursday, March 25, 2010

Curb appeal

Spring has come a little late this year to the Central Coast due to the much needed rains

                               Poppy field near my home

My garden is a bit neglected this year as I have focused most of my attention on the completion of Villa Cantina.  That said a stroll around my garden did reveal these beauties popping up in spite of my neglect

How do you take a new structure that looks like this.... an area filled with these little fellows

and give it curb appeal? 

My home garden is an established garden of more than twenty years. 

It is filled with mature or sometimes overgrown plants like this

The herbacious borders are sometimes overflowing

The pathways lead to mature trees....

and Secret Places....

photo courtesy of Peggy Holt Photography


It has both form and structure thanks to a couple garden weddings and years of work!

I am thankful that I don't have another massive garden to attend to but the gardener in me wants to have a little bit of green....

I think these would be nice on the upper balcony...

photo courtesy of gardening express UK

Little Ollie times two at the Front Door?

photo courtesy of PCHG Daily Dirt

I am loving these pots from Hometown Nursery in Paso

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  1. I wish that neglecting my yard produced such beautiful results! Thanks to the rain and recent heat my yard is full of weeds...I hope the flowers are hiding behind some of them!