Tuesday, February 9, 2010

From The Balcony

When nature plays a starring role in a project, I love to see the colors and materials of nature reflected in the interior as well as the exterior. Like a beach house that mirrors the colors of sand and sea...

As in this lovely Hamptons home by Stephen Gambrel www.srgambrel.com/portfolio/country/hamptons/

Or a Mountain Retreat that echoes the trees and hills. See the colors and materials bind the interior to the out of doors.
Bobby McAlpine "cabin" courtesy of British House and Garden

In Winter (provided it rains in California), the view from the balcony of Villa Cantina is a blanket of velvety greens. The landscape is dotted with the gray greens of the moss draped

If the project started from scratch and the budget were unlimited, I would like Villa Cantina
to look more like this

Interiors by the fabulous Suzanne Kasler

But the challenge of working with existing finishes and a limited budget can be just as rewarding.
Cowtan & Tout Livingstone, Covington Glynn Linen Hemp, Old Bank Bag Pillow Cindy Hattersley Design

Here is a peak at Villa Cantina as she cureently is from the outside. In the days ahead I will show you some of the existing finishes and materials that we will keep and the ones we can afford to change.

In the meantime go to
for a recent article about the area in the San Francisco Chronicle


  1. Now I have an idea what you are talking about....didn't realize it was Mediterranean. Nice that it is new.

    Can't wait to see the inside.


  2. Cindy,

    I am interested in the dining room ceiling. I have not seen that style. What is the style and what purpose does it serve?

  3. It is basically chamferred back and there is lighting behind, so at night it is lit up all around from behind. Nice effect at night but kind of busy during the day.