Monday, March 22, 2010

Master Bedroom Palette

Usually when I begin a project I like to start with an inspiration piece, a beautiful antique, a work of art, or even an interesting object. I have been admiring this console table from Dovetail Furniture since the project began but it was too large to use behind the sofa. It just fit in front of the massive window in the master suite.
Since the budget at Villa Cantina is a main concern my inspiration for the master suite is a fabric that I found on Ebay. I think it is lovely and it was a bargain! It is Homeopath by P Kaufmann


Series prints particularly old ones make a nice statement without breaking the bank. I purchased these from my friend Tess at Hint of History.

You can buy similar ones from Tess here:

I am waiting for the arrival of this beautiful chest from Dovetail Furniture

I found this headboard at West Elm on sale. It is no longer on the website but you might still be able to find it in one of the stores. I think the wood needs a whitewash to tone it down and then it will be perfect.

I was thinking of using these great lamps from Ballard Designs

Look how beautiful they look here I love that Joni used some of the owners own pieces, some really wonderful things and an economical find from Ballard. A really good designer can combine fine things with simple ones for a great result.

I also love these big old urns from Pottery Barn (my Villa Cantina staple), I found them on sale for much less at the Palo Alto store. Those of you who know me realize that I have a hard time with purchased lamps. I prefer using found objects. Too often the shade isn't right a pet peeve of mine.

I am also loving these new chairs from Pottery Barn. I think they would look great flanking the fireplace. I love the shade of the wicker and the size as space is at a premium.

These tables are on order from Halo Styles (thanks Joni for the tip)

That just about wraps it up except for a few decicions....Mirrors I love... from Wisteria

You can purchase them all here:

More mirrors from Dovetail

Or what about these from Restoration Hardware

You can purchase them here:

Which would you choose?

For my weekend project I am tackling those darn cabinets...wish me luck!

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  1. Thank you so much for this!!!! we actually almost bought a mirror from RH, but went with the antique one instead.

    thanks again so much - your blog is beautiful. love your kitchen post. looks great.