Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bread Garden Bakery… Berkeley’s Loss Paso’s gain


When I heard the Bread Garden Bakery was relocating to Paso I asked myself why?  It is one of the busiest most successful brick and mortar bakeries in the East Bay. It has been an institution in Berkeley for over 38 years. Anyone that has grabbed a cup of coffee at Peet’s , waited in line for one of their fabulous morning buns, and grabbed a loaf or two of the artisan breads to take home is probably wondering why as well. 

“The Bread Garden is a true artisan bakery that makes all kinds of excellent loaves of bread and pastries and, best of all, a crisp-topped morning bun that is one of the best coffee companions anywhere in the Bay area.”

Is it any mystery what has brought so many shop keepers and artisans  from both the Bay Area and the Los Angeles basin?.  The town square is still the center of town.  People gather on Friday nights for concerts on the park , share a glass of wine, and stroll through the downtown. People still patronize the brick and mortar stores that surround the town square.  Their is a lively arts community. The weather is delightful, and the wine industry has drawn an ever growing group of first class restaurants.

The Bread Garden’s menu will feature freshly baked goods, including 10 types of bread, 30 different pastries, 20 types of cookies and eight desserts.

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A Full Pastry Case At the Bread Garden Bakery


Owner David Morris, says construction will begin next month with an opening date set for late September. The location will be 1229 Park Street, that serendipitously, according to the Historical Society was once a bakery. 


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I think David Morris is going to be greeted with open arms in Paso.  I personally will be the first one in line when Bread Garden opens in September.  Well my mother might beat me!

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