Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Reuse, Repurpose ... Unexpected Objects as Art

When gathering information for this post I realized a theme was developing. My husband and I have collected antiques since we were in college.  In my own home I don’t have a single lamp that began its' life as a  lamp. I have a few nice paintings from my friend Pat Huber http://pathuberfineart.com/collections/9145.  You can read the post I did on her art here http://villacantinas.blogspot.com/2010/04/kitchen-completion-and-beautiful-art.html .  More often our “art” began it’s life as something else. If I find something that intrigues me it might end up a lamp, wall art, or something even different.   Steve and I were repurposing things before we new it was in vogue to do so.   Steve purchased old Pennsylvania barns for their beams and has used them in several homes he has built or remodeled over the years. I intend to do a post on that in the future.
In one of my older posts  I posted a picture of this fabulous grape gathering bucket that I had been coveting  from Barreveld.  I knew I wanted to use it somewhere I just wasn’t sure where.

 I also posted a picture of this area which was calling for a fabulous work of art.

Since the budget didn’t allow for a fab work of art I filled it with a mixture of gathered local sticks  and faux flora.  Now it is one of my favorite details.

The great oars in the picture above have made their way around Villa Cantina as well.  They look great wherever I put them!


I found these old french porch balusters at one of my favorite haunts  Center Street Antiques in Soquel.  I knew  when I found them they would make fabulous lamps.  Look what Colin created over the weekend.  Drum shades are from ballarddesigns.com. 



This area was desperately calling for something interesting.   This isn’t the most attractive stair rail.  I hope to give it a better finish at some point.  I think something old always adds character to an area that can be cold and unwelcoming.


On the wall a great pair of Oars that I found on Ebay here and  a fabulous pair of canoe paddles from Crawford Antiques in Soquel.

On the wall an old barn vent from a Pennsylvania barn that Steve purchased the beams for a home he did several years ago.


The end result is much friendlier and welcoming don't you think?


Reemember the cowhide rug that I bought from Shine Rugs.  Here it is in all it’s glory…love it!


I also bought these great shutters from Capitol Salvage on Ebay.  I am thinking headboards for these fellas!


As I was about to post today I came across one of my favorite blogs Acanthus and Acorn.  She did another fabulous post about a new book Monica Rich Kosann has written titled “Living With What You Love"
You can read her fabulous post here http://acanthusandacorn.blogspot.com/2010/06/living-with-what-you-love

If you would like to buy Monica’s book you can click on my favorite design books or go to Amazon or your favorite bookstore and purchase.  I am ordering mine today.
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  1. What a thrilling ride we took with you Cindy. Curious and always excited to watch, we anxiously awaited the treasure we would find around the corner!

    I have enjoyed every picture and story you have shared with us. Hard work, good health and much love makes a family strong and I see it all in every corner..Love to you and Steve and your children. Brenda

  2. Brenda thank you for being my very first follower I think! The journey isn't over...there are more pics to come...and places to visit!

  3. Love that grape gathering bucket....in fact I am coveting it !!! Great post, as usual....the oars and vent look perfect. Any new winerys ?

  4. We are hoping to check out Cass Winery this weekend per your suggestion!