Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Living Room Before & After

Here is a before shot of the living area of Villa Cantina



Here is the same view now

Rachel Sofas by Best Slipcover Company in Glynn Linen Hemp http://bestslipcovercompany.com/

Coffee table & Wicker Chairs by Dovetail http://dovetailfurnitureonline.com/ (my go to company for this job)

Driftwood Orb & Bowl by West Elm http://www.westelm.com/products/a793/?pkey=croom-wall-decor-new




Here is a before view looking from the living to the dining area




Here is the same view now


What you can’t see at the upper left is this darling cupboard (well it really was a nightstand that I decided to hang on the wall).  It replaces the

that replaces the Florio poster seen in the above picture.





Faux Bois fabric by Jane Shelton, animal print,ocelot by Cowtan & Tout, old bank bag pillow Cindy Hattersley Design.  All pillows fabricated by Katie Baker Slipcovers.

I apologize for the low light photos of the living area.  There is so much light streaming in it is impossible for an amateur like me to take photos after 6:00 a.m!  Almost every room is in some form of completion so I will be posting a lot of before and after photos.  What room would you like to see next?

Also in one of my next posts I will profile the company of my giveaway!  If you haven’t become a follower do so.  When I reach 50 followers I am going to have a great giveaway! I think you are going to love it!



  1. The living room looks great....love how the pillows turned out.
    Let's see that little bathroom with the special tile....and the master and the two little bedrooms....let's see it all!!!

  2. Oh....and the curtains on the outside porch!!!

  3. Just noticed your new Blog Header....love the "Grape Bucket"....want to see bigger picture of that too !

  4. Looks good Cindy! I would love to see some of your previous decorating jobs. Your designs are so refreshing and relaxing. Nothing too presumptuous. In other designs, have you used more color?

  5. Do you have any other pictures of the Jackson Home for viewing?

  6. I love the before and after shots. Brilliant!

  7. Hi BS I do have some other shots of the Jackson home I will dig through my files. I haven't been very good about taking pictures in the past. Yes I have used more color in other designs. If you go to hattersleyconstruction.com you can see some more of my work.

  8. thanks grandmala...for all the nice comments...

  9. Wonderful pillows! So, what do you feel about having bank bag pillows? If my memory serves me right, I think it was 3 years ago when my sister bought a set of vintage bank bag pillows, and when I asked her why she chose those, her simple reply was, “I want to have more money, and by seeing bank bags, I feel so inspired to save a lot”. How about you?

    -Harriett Faulks