Monday, May 3, 2010

Pier 46 Seafood Market and a Window on Things to Come

  With the ongoing construction at Villa Cantina Lauren and I make a weekly trek to Home Depot. Along our route we find food and wine.  Last weekend we heeded the advice of my hairstylist (and food and wine advisor) Jericho Mora( of Twist Studio Spa) and hit Pier 46 Seafood Market.  For those of you on your way down 101 to L.A it is a quick stop off Vineyard Drive in the Trader Joes Shopping  Center.  


Don’t let the simple facade fool you. They sell all kinds of fish & shellfish and  the menu is fabulous!
I hade these amazing Ahi Tacos with marinated cabbage and seaweed salad. 
Lauren had their fish tacos with cabbage and pepper jack in an amazing sauce
Go to their website for their menu, directions and special events.

As I stated in my last post things are happening quickly now at Villa Cantina.  Here is a view of the partially completed patio.  Curtains in Sunbrella Regency Sand will soon grace the opening. 

This past weekend was so beautiful that I couldn’t resist posting this picture anyway.  This is the view you will enjoy if you come to Villa Cantina



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  1. Another great eating place to try....thanks. The patio/deck looks great....can't wait to see the curtains.