Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Funky Finds and Watercolor Magic


Wine Gathering bucket from Barreveld 

I am crazy over this fabric from Jane Shelton for an accent fabric in the living area . 

These pots were purchased from  I think they would make great lamp bases and  would complement the the fabric above as well.

I found this amazing pair of oars on Ebay. I think they will look great hanging alongside the  canoe paddles I purchased from Crawford's Antiques. You can find similar ones here:


When I am working on a project I become totally absorbed in the whole aesthetic of the particular project.  When a friend  from high school Brian Gordy posted one of his beautiful watercolors on facebook I stopped in my tracks.  This image “Looking Back at Alona Bay”  really captivated me. I could imagine a writer using this as this as a basis for a story. I can conjure up all kinds of scenarios about the whereabouts of the  inhabitants of the canoe.  How about you? 

The Hauntingly Beautiful “Tomorrow’s Rain” invokes a  similar mystery

As well as “Visitors at Southpoint”


Brian exhibits his watercolors in galleries throughout the United States and many have found homes in private, corporate and museum collections. His series of turtle paintings have become particularly well thought of.  You can find them at
Many of Brian’s watercolors are available as originals or as limited edition giclee  prints.  If you would like to purchase any of the above or just enjoy more of Brian’s beautiful work go to  I am sure they would be happy to frame it for you as well.
The tide is beginning to turn at Villa Cantina now .  Nearly everything has been purchased, fabricated and delivered.  Everything will probably be photo ready at once!


  1. Those watercolors are really cool. I really like the first one. The colors are beautiful. He is a talented artist.

  2. Love these lake/canoe watercolors. I checked out the turtles as well. Everything is coming together!