Friday, February 19, 2010

Progress and Diversion

In my last post I promised to highlight some of the finishes and details that we would have to live with and those that we could afford to change. Even though we have been working like dogs, I am not sure there is anything really camera ready as of yet. I would really rather be here.....

(photo courtesy of Terry Hoage vineyards website)
photo courtesy Terry Hoage Vineyards

...sampling one of the fabulous Rhone Varietals they have to offer

“Terry Hoage Vineyards is a small family owned and operated vineyard and boutique winery focusing exclusively on Rhone varietals. Located in the western hills of Paso Robles, our special climate, terroir, fastidious, sustainable farming practices and low yields produce exceptional fruit that is forward and focused. Terry and Jennifer's winemaking approach is to produce minimally processed wines. The 2100 case production includes estate red and white Rhone style wines. Varietals planted on our estate include Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, Counoise, Cinsault, Grenache Blanc, Picpoul Blanc and Roussanne”.

photo courtesy Terry Hoage Vineyards

If you google Terry Hoage you will find that he’s an NFF College Hall of Fame inductee and was a standout Georgia defensive back. He went on to become a 13 year veteran of the NFL. All of this is interesting fodder since the names of the wines he and his wife Jennifer produce reflect his football background. That tidbit aside the quality of the wines are amazing.

Here is a picture of my family Harvest Weekend in front of the winery (consequently a barn that was dismantled in Texas & reconstructed on site). For more information about Harvest Weekend go here:

Now that we are all dreaming of great wine...back to the progress at Villa Cantina...

When we purchased the home this is what the kitchen and dining area looked like

As I stated previously I am not loving the kitchen cabinetry. They are what they are for now however. Since they have sort of an industrial feel to them I thought these fabulous cooper draftsman stools from Wisteria might give it a more current industrial/chic look

You can find these at:

The light fixture was another bone of contention. I was hoping for a nice French/European looking lantern but most were out of my price range for this project. Pottery Barn had these great table top lanterns

I consulted my electrician/contractor/artisan husband and son team to see if we could turn the large one into a light fixture for above the dining room table. They gave me “the look” but I knew they could do it. I salvaged some old parts from a hanging light fixture from another job and they worked their magic and created this:

The dining area previously had a square table & chairs which repeated the ceiling and floor pattern but made the dining area appear smaller than it actually is. I purchased the rectangular table and chairs from Dovetail Furniture( and I think the space is looking more “spacious”!

Hopefully in my next post I will add a picture of the completed concrete counter top that was to mirror limestone (that’s another story). In the meantime here is my latest source of inspiration from one of my favorite bloggers, Brook Giannetti of Velvet and Linen ( We have these overly manufactured looking cabinets flanking the fireplace. Brooke recently posted this picture of her cabinets flanking her fireplace in her recently updated family room. Is this lovely or what? I wonder if I could paint the backs of these awful cabinets and come up with something that would mimic her fabulous cabinets?


  1. The dining area light fixture is great....good old PB....very clever. I also love the table and chairs and are really making progress despite winery distractions! XO

  2. The winery distractions are the best part!