Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lower Patio Construction and Inspiration


Villa Cantina’s Verandas can get a little toasty in the summer so we have had this lower patio idea in our heads for sometime.  The boys got a break from construction projects and crazily are willing to go for it!

This is what it looks like now.  Pretty, huh?  This is the door that comes from the house.  Hopefully in the area just to the left there might be a planter of some sort.



If you look to the right of the door you will see this enormous wall




The fabulous Katie Denham of the blog  did an amazing tutorial on her blog about how to make this fountain.  Isn’t it fabulous?  We (meaning the boys) are going to build one similar to this on that big old ugly wall!



                                                                                          Hopefully ours will be as nice as Katie’s.  Thanks Katie for the tutorial!


On to the next big old ugly wall!  I purchased these on eBay from my buddy Michael at Capitol Salvage.  Have you checked out his EBay store here  He has amazing stuff.  Many treasures from Michael found a home at Villa Cantina.


After I cleaned them up they looked more like my inspiration photo on Pinterest here

love the color of those shutters  via 5th and State


Anyway…I think they would look great on either side of this window




Below it our amazing friend Jim Parsons and master craftsman is going to build a table similar to the one that we were inspired by


  He builds some fabulous tables.  We are going to add a zinc top but it will be very similar.  We are going to use these good old World Market Kooboo Chairs  to surround it that  Joni at first introduced us all to.


                                                           Hopefully it will look something like this by Eleanor Cummings. Not exactly Eleanor Cummings but …close

nice table  eleanor cummings


There is another bare wall to the right of the “massive bare wall” where there soon will be a fountain that I think this clock from Barreveld would look fabulous


Pinned Image

Maybe a console table below it something like this


gwen driscoll



Below is my inspiration photo from my pinterest board here



I liked this idea of using steel pipe as a trellis.  I have ideas but they aren’t always feasible.  Thankfully the “boys” approved and agreed it was feasible!

We will string the steel pipe from the fountain wall to the wall adjacent to it.  It will look something like this

amazing garden room love the trellis and chandeliers!


I thought it would be a great idea also to hang some sort of light fixture from the pipe.  Something like this from Saffron & Genevieve.  She has a great store in Santa Cruz.  You can check out her website here  She is extremely creative and also writes a fun blog here  I think “the boys” think the pipe won’t be strong enough but I am still hoping!!

love this light fixture via saffron & genevieve

I would also like to plant a Belgian Fence like this on those big old blank walls next to where the fountain will go in some sort of vine that the deer will not eat.  The deer are next to God in Oak Shores.  We love them and we plant what they won’t eat!!

Espalier on the!


That is about it for now!

I will keep you posted but we are making progress!!

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I will continue to post sporadically on this blog about the area, the wine, and the goings on at Villa Cantina so why not enjoy both!